WE - VINH THONG TRADING MANUFACTURING SERVICE LIMITED COMPANY - Are specialized in producing slippers, sandals, women shoes, sport shoes, leather shoes…also, we  always respect our relationship with customers as well as together build up and consolidate their trust in order to make a stable development. our company has made a commitment to implement our quality and social accountability policies, which are compatible with ISO; SA8000 : 2008 standards.

Below are our policies:

- Guarantee that there is no unsuitable product.
- Always be innovated to enhance our trade efficiency.
- Obey the labor laws, the policies of child labor, enforcement labor, health care and safety at work, workplace environment, no discrimination, freedom on club-organization and public debate, also working time and salary.
- Sub-contractors and suppliers are required to commit these policies in working conditions that are consistent with relevant laws and international documents.

These policies are widely publicized so that all the staff will get to know, maintain and constantly innovate them to assure that inside activities will match with outside conditions of the company.

In general, we are striving to be one of the best companies of manufacturing sandals and shoes for export and domestic consumption and not only to become the most trust-worthy customers’ company but also to promote our prestige in the market.
Issued on 15/09/2010 our C.E.O